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4 tips to make the most of your personal space

4 tips to make the most of your personal space
Binh Thanh District
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If you’re living with your family, or with friends in a share house, or renting with your partner, it can be hard to make the most of the space you have and carve out your own corner.

Even if you have a great relationship with your housemates and family, and you all enjoy the communal living and dining areas, it’s important that your own room is styled so that you can escape to a space that truly reflects who you are.

But if you’re renting, customising your space can prove a challenge because there’s more restrictions than if you own your own home.

Most of us enjoy a bit of ‘me time’ though, so we explored a few options that will help you convert one room (a bedroom, or even a spare room if you’re lucky) into a sanctuary of escape.  

Assess what’s achievable

Take a look at the space and ask yourself:

How much room do you have for bedroom furniture?

Do you have space for additional pieces, like an armchair or a desk?

Can you repaint? Some landlords allow you to make cosmetic changes if you’ll restore the original colour when you leave.

Once you’ve determined what you’d like to do with the space, compare this wish list to your budget.

3 simple changes for your room

There are a few keys décor changes you can easily make as a renter without making physical changes.

1. Windows

Can you change the window coverings?

This can be a great, inexpensive way to introduce your style onto a small space. By bringing in colour, pattern or a even a neutral textile through your own window coverings – curtains or blinds – you can instantly put your mark on your room and make it feel more like home.

2. Floor coverings

Floorboards, concrete, carpet – add your own rug in front of, or next to, your bed to add an extra level of layering and warmth to your space.

Shop around and be sure to choose one you won’t tire of. Other than your furniture, it’ll potentially be the biggest purchase you make.

3. Accessorise your room

The best way to give your room ‘your style’ in a rental property is toaccessorise.

4. Add some framed prints

Search out some framed prints for your wall (lightweight are best so you can hang with removable hooks), or get some frames from your local homewares store. You can often pick these up quite cheaply.Ornamental objects, photographs of your travels and unique bedside lamps are also great ways to ensure your room becomes your retreat and reflects your life. This way, you’ll always feel comfortable and relaxed within its walls.

Renting and sharing a house with others can be one of the most enjoyable times of your life, but it’s important to remember that you still need a space that you can call your own.

If you put both the thought and the effort into the design and decor of your room, it can really be transformed into a relaxing retreat and a personal sanctuary.


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