Sala Sarimi
Sala Sarimi
Location : No.10 Mai Chi Tho, An Loi Dong, District 2, HCMC

Save your best moments at this Sala Sarimi apartment

  • Type : Apartment for rent
  • Code : SRI160689
  • Furnished : Yes
  • Bedroom : 2
  • Area : 81
  • Bathroom : 2
Price : 1,225 USD / Month

Note: The above price is subject to change by landlord without prior notice. Price and availability have to be checked at the time or enquiry

It is difficult to keep track of our best moments in life. We take hundreds of photos, but most of them are just mediocre and not worth the photo album space.
We can forget about anything too easily, even the things that we cherish the most – thoughts and ideas, memories, and emotions. The human brain has an amazing capacity to forget everything that is not being used, which means we grow older every day and lose more pieces of our lives.
Save your best moments in life at this Sala Sarimi apartment; a dedicated place for beautiful memories with carefully designed features and amenities to help your everyday life become even more enjoyable. At this peaceful community, make a commitment to save your best moments that you’ll want to revisit over and over again!
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